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Nebbiolo Donnas, Barmet - 2012

Red | Italy, Val d`Aosta | (750 )mL
Everyone should appreciate great Nebbiolo, and if you haven't had a chance to do so, give this a try. It comes from the Val d'Aosta in northern Italy. Nebbiolo grown in cool climate renders a more elegant style. This wine is pale in color and full of bright red fruits.

Item #29933
  • Single Bottle:
    $19.96 $16.96
    You Save: 15%
  • Case of 12:
    $239.52 $183.17
    You Save: 24%

Iberica Bruno Prats "MosYca" - 2010

Red | Spain, Alicante | (750 )mL
A beautifully rich and juicy wine from Alicante, Spain. This wine is one of Bruno Prats's projects, who once owned the iconic Bordeaux Château, Cos d'Estournel. A combination of Monastrell, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is filled with the luscious flavors of dark cherry and brown spices. Pair this wine with roast beef or skirt steak.

Item #29276
  • Single Bottle:
    $19.99 $13.98
    You Save: 30%
  • Case of 12:
    $239.88 $167.76
    You Save: 30%

Dolcetto d'Alba, Gigi Bianco - 2012

Red | Italy, Piedmont | (750 )mL
A dry red wine that's a match for meaty pasta dishes or stuffed peppers. This is an extraordinary Dolcetto in that the vines are planted in prime Barbaresco territory in Pora. The vineyards are located at the top of the hill in chalk and rich minerals. The palate is structured with fantastic black fruits - the type of Dolcetto that could age.

Item #27526
  • Single Bottle:
    $21.96 $16.96
    You Save: 23%
  • Case of 12:
    $263.52 $203.52
    You Save: 23%

Bodega DiamAndes "Valle de Uco" Malbec - 2011

Red | Argentina | (750 )mL
Dark and smooth Malbec that can be best enjoyed with red meat dishes. Cassis and fig notes with tobacco and tar flavors on the palate.

Item #30262
  • Single Bottle:
    $17.99 $14.99
    You Save: 17%
  • Case of 12:
    $215.88 $161.89
    You Save: 25%

Rosso di Valtellina, Plozza - 2009

Red | Italy, Lombardy, Valtellina | (750 )mL
A dark Nebbiolo with plenty of tarry rose petals. Precocious and complex, with lovely acidity, this has flavors of lightly ripened cherries and star anise. A versatile red, this goes especially well with aged Pecorino, baked pasta, and wild mushrooms, or roast chicken with herbed butter.

Item #26349
  • Single Bottle:
    $21.96 $15.96
    You Save: 27%
  • Case of 12:
    $263.52 $172.37
    You Save: 35%

Bianco Spinomarino, Fatalone - 2013

White | Italy, Apulia | (750 )mL
From within Gioia del Colle comes this Greco with a heady scent of grapes in flower. Accessible with a pleasantly balanced texture, a friendly partner to fried foods, seafood appetizers, grilled vegetables. Also a daring pairing with white pizzas.

Item #25582
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.96 $12.96
    You Save: 24%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $139.97
    You Save: 31%

Wellies Pinot Noir, Marlborough - 2011

Red | New Zealand, South Island, Marlborough | (750 )mL
You've loved the Wellies Sauvignon Blanc for years, and now we've finally got our hands on their equally delicious Pinot Noir! This New Zealand red is a rare find indeed. It has finesse and cheery red cherries that will have you hooked in no time.

Item #21750
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.99 $12.96
    You Save: 24%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.88 $139.97
    You Save: 31%

Maipe Malbec Bag in Box - 2013

Red | Argentina, Mendoza | (3)L
This Malbec has a deep purple color with violet tints, complex plum, fig, and floral aromas, rounded tannins, and excellent length with a distinguished character. Excellent when paired with game, roasted red meats, or pasta.

Item #22770
  • Single Bottle:
    $31.99 $22.98
    You Save: 28%
  • Case of 4:
    $127.96 $91.92
    You Save: 28%

Pinot Blanc, Später-Veit - 2012

White | Germany, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Mittel-Mosel | (750 )mL
What a surprise! This fleshy, dry Pinot Blanc displays ripe. clean pear, white peaches, and golden apples, blended to medium-bodied perfection! A refreshing finish demands large glassfuls for gulping with sautéed fish, cabbage, or chicken breast.

Item #27681
  • Single Bottle:
    $18.96 $14.96
    You Save: 21%
  • Case of 12:
    $227.52 $161.57
    You Save: 29%

Riesling Kabinett, Selbach-Oster - 2011

White | Germany, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer | (750 )mL
Johannes Selbach has captured the vibrant lime-kiwi fruit and, as he calls it, the "crunchy" acidity of Riesling grown in the Mosel river's northerly climes. Yes, there is a touch of sweetness, but with a wine this zippy, you'll never notice it!

Item #40014
  • Single Bottle:
    $24.99 $19.96
    You Save: 20%
  • Case of 12:
    $299.88 $215.57
    You Save: 28%

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