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Every Tuesday, our buyers pick a region or type of wine, spirit, or saké and mark it down 15%.

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Ichishima Saké, Futsuu-shu -

Japan, Niigata | (720 )mL
Drink like the locals do with this nicely polished saké that is dry with the flavors of sweet rice and thyme.

Item #23185
  • Single Bottle:
    $23.96 $18.96
    You Save: 21%
  • Case of 12:
    $287.52 $204.77
    You Save: 29%

Sawanotsuru Zuicho Saké, Junmai Daiginjo -

Japan, Hyogo | (1.8 )L
This is a richer, fuller-styled junmai daiginjo, with flavors of steamed rice that offer sweetness on the palate. This is a nice, easy-drinking choice for parties. Only serve chilled.

Item #91333
  • Single Bottle:
    $47.99 $39.98
    You Save: 17%
  • Case of 6:
    $287.94 $215.89
    You Save: 25%

Harada Muroka Nama Sake, Junmai Ginjo -

Japan, Yamaguchi | (720 )mL
No charcoal filtering, unpasteurized, and undiluted aromatic style sake that gives you an orange blossom and cedar nose. A round and medium body taste can be paired well with smoked salmon or risotto.

Item #28489
  • Single Bottle:
    $51.99 $34.98
    You Save: 33%
  • Case of 12:
    $623.88 $419.76
    You Save: 33%

Kamikokoro Tokagen Shiboritate Saké, Junmai Nama Genshu -

Japan, Okayama | (720 )mL
From the Okayama prefecture known for their juicy peaches. In fact, the very yeast that occurs on their local variety is also used to brew this seasonal spring-release saké giving it, undoubtedly, the overt fruitiness reminiscent of fresh peaches and bamboo.

Item #13132
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Displaying results 1-4 (of 4)