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Pierde Almas: The Spirit of Oaxaca

Founded by Jonathan Barbieri, a San Francisco native, artist, and ex-pat based in Oaxaca, in conjunction with the Sanchez family. The Sanchez family has been raising livestock and making mezcal in their village for five generations and had a reputation for having some of the best of both anywhere in Oaxaca. Pierde Almas has now made these rare spirits available to the wider public for the first time ever. With one foot firmly planted in tradition, with Jonathan’s restless creativity stirring the fire, together they have also embarked on a series of innovative, category-defining experiments that are making waves in the industry both in Mexico and abroad. From the classic bottlings like Espadin, to an ingenious twist on the traditional Pechuga (Botanicals 9), to our very own exclusive batch of Lumbre, the only 100% expression of this rare agave available in America, Pierde Almas offers up a cutting-edge range of mezcals that are imbued through and through with the spirit of Oaxaca.

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Pierde Almas Maguey de Lumbre Mezcal -

Mexico, Oaxaca | (750 )mL
Spirits buyer Nima Ansari collaborated directly with Pierde Almas to create this 100% Lumbre mezcal. This rare species is usually only found in miniscule amounts blended with other agaves. It's the first of its kind. Enjoy.

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Pierde Almas Espadín Mezcal -

Mexico, Oaxaca | (750 )mL
Produced using 100% natural fermentation and cooking the agaves for up to 10 days in earthen ovens. The tastes we found were salt, plantains, lemon and clay. Pierde Almas uses no chemicals in their production and even their labels are made using fibers from the maguey plant.

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Pierde Almas 9 Botanicals Mezcal -

Mexico, Oaxaca | (750 )mL
This is mezcal and gin all in one. A first of its kind. Following the traditional process to make a Pechuga mezcal, except with gin botanicals instead of heirloom fruits. The mezcal and botanicals all contribute notes of grapefruit, earth, smoke, spice, and herbs that unfold in layers. So easy to sip neat, which is rare for a gin. A perfect secret ingredient for a special cocktail.

Item #29292
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Pierde Almas Do-Ba-Daán Mezcal -

Mexico, Oaxaca | (750 )mL
This mezcal is produced from the Do-ba-daán agave. On average this takes 9-12 years to ripen. Unaged, the resulting complex aromas such as chocolate, slightly charred green leaves, salt, mineral, and lime pith are a wonder to discover. Feels a touch sweet on the tongue and a small amount of smoke appears upon exhalation.

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Displaying results 1-4 (of 4)