Robust Rosés

The latest vintage (the 2016s) are hitting our shelves from all over the globe. The grapes were harvested this past fall and many of the first wines are just being bottled. Dozens upon dozens of new varieties to pick from can make it overwhelming.

The ubiquitous pale Provençal rosés are in demand; however, we love the richer and more structured wines of the U.S., Italy, and Spain, which make some of the best food companions around. The darker, fuller versions of rosé are keenly suited to carry an entire meal, like a savory Middle Eastern feast including falafel and lamb, or fish tacos, or Moroccan tagine. Let rosé break free of aperitif status, and marvel at how perfectly it goes with dinner.

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Rosé | France, Provence, Côtes de Provence | 3L
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