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Smoke and Mirrors: Pierde Almas’ Maguey de Lumbre

This is noted producer Pierde Almas’ one-off, mini production mezcal from an extremely rare form of agave for the year 2013—and possibly for many years into the future. Proprietor Jonathan Barbieri and our very own spirits buyer, Nima Ansari, were fortunate enough to encounter an unkempt planting of this Maguey de Lumbre agave growing behind an area from which Pierde Almas had been harvesting their Espadìn. The Malguey de Lumbre, rarely cultivated in Oaxaca—or anywhere else—requires hot, dry, steep, high-altitude terrain, like that lying in the southwest of the central valleys in the Sierra Azul. It is almost always blended with Espadìn, due, in large part, to its rarity, and the challenge, in encountering it, was to see if it could be distilled and produced unembellished. The results, in this ephemeral and unique expression, are truly astounding. Lumbre is as transparent as the name—meaning flame in Spanish— implies. Illuminating the palate with its clean, pristine flavors, this hard-to-come-by mezcal is beautiful and, in one word, expansive.

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Mezcal Vago Cuixe -

Mexico, Oaxaca | (750 )mL
Cuixe is a species of wild agave that grows to be much older than a more standard, cultivated variety. The plant grows vertically, and the age and shape lends it very unique characteristics. Rich fruit, fresh vegetables, minerality, earth, and peppers all come to the bargaining table complemented by invigorating smoke. This is top-notch and rare.

Item #29591
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Fidencio Clásico Mezcal -

Mexico, Oaxaca, Matatlán | (750 )mL
This Espadín agave mezcal is produced by roasting their estate grown agave in the traditional method, which, for the Zapotecs, is in a stone-lined earthen pit. The smoke, however, doesn't take over the clay and minerality that we like so much and also provides just a touch of roasted herbs. Every batch is bottled at proof.

Item #24906
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Displaying results 11-12 (of 12)