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Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin: An Astor Exclusive

This gorgeous, barrel aged gin from Caledonia Spirits’ Barr Hill is a first-release and this batch has been made exclusively for Astor Wines & Spirits. Traditionally, Old Tom gins are sweetened with sugar, which gives it a distinctive flavor profile. This gin, however, uses raw honey as its natural sweetener, which beekeeper Todd Hardie has been cultivating for the past thirty years from his apiaries. Ever since acquiring his first hive from his parents at age 12, Todd has been committed to the ecology of bees. He followed his initial interest with an education at Cornell in agricultural studies, which led him, ultimately, to found Caledonia Spirits. Today, Todd brings a mastery to Barr Hill—and to Astor—that is unmatched and we are beyond proud to showcase his artisanal product. Who better to make an Old Tom version of this iconic spirit than someone specializing in honey? Todd’s philosophy for creating a distillery after all his years in agriculture was the answer to the question of how best to support the place and the people in his own agricultural community. His spirits have a broad reach, broader, perhaps, than a jar of honey, but he continues his efforts to source locally, from his juniper to all other ingredients used in his blends.

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Barr Hill Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin -

USA, Vermont, Caledonia | (750 )mL
The nose is a wonderful back and forth volley of invigorating floral juniper berries, that complement the fresh wood notes perfectly, lemon drops, and sweet honey. The luscious texture gives way to flavors of clementines, banana, caramel, sawdust, and a long, piney juniper finish.

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