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Del Maguey's 20 Year Revolution

It is hard to believe that, just 20 years ago, mezcal was virtually unknown to the American public. Save for a few tall tales of scorpions and worms finding their ways into the bottoms of the bottles, mezcal was basically sidelined as the strange oddball cousin of tequila. But in 1995, two words changed everything; Del Maguey. Founded by artist Ron Cooper after years spent forging ties with ancient Zapotec Indian family producers, the door to this extraordinary culture and history was swung wide open, never to be closed again. Originally regarded as the fine wine of the land, or, more specifically, the nectar of the gods, each bottling of Del Maguey respects this tradition by featuring both the species of agave used in production and the single village that it was produced in. All expressions are 100% certified organic and produced exclusively by time-honored traditional methods. In honor of 20 magnificent years that have changed the landscape of the spirits world, we are proud to offer the entire portfolio on sale for one day only. Don’t miss your chance to get further acquainted with these groundbreaking spirits while we look forward to the next 20 years.  
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