Staff Pick

Real Minero Mezcal

Item # 28360 750mL
$149.99/ Single Bottle
$899.94/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

Double distillation in traditional clay pot stills from an estate that spans across 4 generations is not something you hear every day when talking about spirits. Adding to the rareness of this bottling, is the fact that it is a blend of 4 different agave species, both wild and cultivated, with only a very small amount produced. The spirit beguiles you and makes you wonder how an un-aged spirit can be inherent of so much complexity and balance. Truly one of the most authentic and incredible spirits we have come across.

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Staff Pick Notes

Mezcal is still an evolving category for me. The Real Minero Mezcal, however, was quite a revelation. I had the pleasure of tasting this spirit after it had been open for a while. Given the exposure to oxygen, much of the pre-requisite smoke had blown off by then, allowing the agave's natural, layered-complexity to shine. Wave after wave of cooked tropical fruit, savory spice and and explosive minerality were on display. It begs the question of the pros and cons of decanting spirits, but I digress. This bottling of 4 agaves is the sort of field blend that comes closest to recreating the original mezcals that were made before terms like craft and single village became common place. Get one now! Due to agave shortages, Real Minero will soon be changing this bottling to a 2 agave variety style. Nothing lasts forever.

- EG