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A Portuguese red grape of cloudy origin, Alfrocheiro was once thought to be a relative of Pinot Noir. Today, Portugal is indeed considered to be the birthplace of the grape, and it plays an important role in the red wines of the Dão (though it is also found in Alentejo, Ribatejo and Palmela). In spite of being a relative youngster among the other prominent grapes of the Dão, Alfrocheiro is highly regarded by winemakers due to the quality of the wines it yields. Sometimes known as Tinta Bastardinha and Tinta Francesa, wines of this varietal are noted for their inky color, velvety texture, intense spiciness, and approachability when young, with typical flavors of mint, flowers, black currants and fresh strawberries. It is frequently blended with the less acidic Touriga Nacional grape (in the Dão), and the Aragonez grape (in Alentejo).