Rhine Hall Coffee Liqueur
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Rhine Hall Coffee Liqueur

Item # 40835 750mL
$55.96/ Single Bottle
$335.76/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

It has taken a long time for the coffee liqueur category to catch up to the quality of the coffee drinking world as well as the craftsmanship of artisan distilling. But now that it's finally here there doesn't seem to be a more enjoyable drink out there. Made in collaboration with famed restaurant Alinea, the perfecting process to nail down this recipe took the better part of a year. Using hand-picked coffee beans, slowly infused vanilla beans, plus other ingredients and a fruit base this is better than most and unlike many things you have tasted. The coffee aromas are incredibly vibrant with one whiff providing enough inspiration to fully perk up the senses. There is pure vanilla, sarsaparilla, cocoa, toasted macadamia, coconut, red tea, baking spice and more. There is just a gentle bit of sweetness balanced by the acidity with an overall impeccable level of balance rarely seen.

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Staff Pick Notes

My notes on this coffee liqueur read, "so gooooood." After tasting it, I immediately googled "espresso martini," since that was the first thing I could think to put this to work (and also because I have no idea how to make an espresso martini). I also think it would make EXCELLENT jello shots. Now that you know how classy I am, I'll also share this tidbit: Rhine Hall, a tiny father-daughter run distillery in Chicago, worked with three-michelin starred Alinea to create a coffee liqueur to fit their needs. It's made with hand harvested coffee beans and slowly infused with vanilla pods. If that doesn't convince you this coffee dram is a step above the rest, you'll just have to taste it for yourself.


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