Grignolino "Poggeto," La Casaccia
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Grignolino "Poggeto," La Casaccia - 2019

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Certified Organic

Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. Certified in the country of origin.

Tasting Notes

For more than a century, the La Casaccia family estate has been producing wines in the Monferrato area of Piedmont. Visiting the estate is akin to experiencing one of those dreams at night that allows you to wake up mesmerized - truly wondering did that just happen? Polyculture abound, remarkable dedication to viticulture and respect of all life is the ethos you need to make wines worth tasting.

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Staff Pick Notes

Don't know Grignolino? Well, allow me to introduce you with this scrumptious example. This grape grows in a clay and marl soil, which is generally considered inferior for Piedmont's marquée varietals, but is actually perfect for Grignolino, showcasing a depth of minerality. Although light in color and body, this grape packs in bold flavors of strawberry jam, raspberry, and spice. You'll also notice its lip-smacking acidity, making it a great accompaniment to cheese and salumi. I paired it with burrata and duck liver (no, I don't eat that way every night) and was completely captivated!

- DY

Pairing Advice

Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, Black Olives, and Feta Cheese

The zippy acidity of the Grignolino is a perfect foil for ingredients with some tartness themselves, like the olives and the feta cheese. Serving an acidic wine with acidic components in a dish softens the tang in both the wine and the food, making the wine feel rounder and more lush on the palate, and making the olives taste fruitier and the cheese taste even creamier. And Grignolino, especially the ’09 “Poggeto” from La Casaccia, is low on the tannin spectrum, so it’s easy to pair with a huge variety of summer dishes.

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The most famous grape in Piedmont is the noble Nebbiolo, which makes the long-lived Barolo and Barbaresco. There are plenty of Nebbiolo-based wines that are quite enjoyable in their youth, however, often produced in smaller, lesser-known regions such as Ghemme or Gattinara. Several other Piedmontese grapes make striking and delicious wines: Pelaverga produces light-colored reds with distinctive...

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The Grignolino grape derives its name from grignole, meaning "pips." This small-berried red variety makes some truly intriguing wines, because the grapes produce very little juice in proportion to the amount of pips and skins. These elements, combined in these proportions, yield deliciously earthy wines that are pale in color (often resembling Beaujolais), and unexpectedly...

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