Lustau East India "Solera Reserva" Sherry
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Lustau East India "Solera Reserva" Sherry

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Centuries ago, casks of solera Sherry were lashed to ships sailing for the Indies as ballast, and were later found to be extraordinarily smooth and complex, with nutty, sweet flavors. This one is great with lighter desserts and cheeses or by itself as an after-dinner treat.

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Quite possibly the best cream sherry on the market! The name refers to the British East India Trading Co. that transported commodities like cotton, silk, tea & spices from the East Indies. By the 1670's the crew noticed how the fortified wine would improve over the journey, picking up complexity & becoming smoother with the exposure to high temps, air & wood. Lustau has truly captured this long forgotten style & turned it into something extraordinary. A blend of 80% Oloroso and 20% PX, the nose reveals figs, vanilla, earth, toffee, walnuts, chocolate, plum jam, tobacco & fresh notes of citrus. The palate brings figs, raisins, brown sugar, roasted nuts & caramel from the PX while the salinity of the Oloroso keeps it focused with freshness & great minerality. Anyone trying to find a balanced sweet sherry need look no further.


Astor's Glossary of Terms


Central to the Spanish winemaking philosophy is the belief that wine should be released only when it is ready to be consumed, and not a moment before. Spanish wine law focuses squarely on this issue: the terms Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are highly regulated indicators of the amount of time a wine has aged prior to its release. In Rioja, Navarra, and the Ribera del Duero (which have the...

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Sherry actually gets its name from our anglo-inability to pronounce the word “Jerez,” the town at the southern end of Spain in which the wine is produced. Like Champagne, Sherry can only be called Sherry if it comes from this specific region. That said, there are other “Sherry-styled” wines worthy of note produced outside of the Sherry D.O. (known as vinos generosos). Montilla, lying to the...

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Pedro Ximenez

Also known as PX (thankfully to those of us who have a dislike of words that begin with x’s), this dessert-style fortified wine is made entirely from the highly-sugared Pedro Ximénez grapes. Many of the best examples come from the region of Montilla, and are thus not technically classified as Sherries. PX’s are intensely, almost syrupy sweet, and are ideal drizzled over vanilla ice cream (or over...

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Accounting for over 90% of the vine plantings in Jerez, this relatively neutral grape provides the ideal “blank canvas” for the creation of fabulously complex Sherries (much like the Ugni Blanc grape does in Cognac).


The real magic in the production of Sherry happens in what's called the solera system - an innovative method of fractional blending in which younger wine is blended with older wine to ensure a consistent product from year to year. The younger wine serves to refresh and awaken the older wine, while the older wine enhances the depth and quality of the younger wine. Thus, with the exception of a...

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