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Staff Pick

Gourry de Chadeville Overproof Cognac

Item # 34434 750mL
$59.96/ Single Bottle
$359.76/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

For over 15 generations Pierre Gourry and his family have been dedicated to the production of traditional Cognac made entirely by manual means. The small family estate in Segonzac (one of the epicenters of Cognac production) was officially founded in 1619 and still stands today as the oldest estate in the region. Funny enough then that from this old house comes one of the most innovative brandies we have tasted in years. This special Overproof three year old was created with cocktails in mind but with zero additives, caramel, or boise, etc. it is incredible to see how pure and well made this spirit is on its own. This is one of the coolest and most exciting new spirits on the shelf without doubt. Notes include vine flowers, honeysuckle, fresh churned butter, pure vanilla, peach nectar and a hint of coconut.

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Staff Pick Notes

Gourry de Chadeville is the oldest family owned all in one vineyard & distillery in Cognac's Grand Champagne region. Pierre Goursat is the one man winemaker & distiller. Pierre tends a 10 hect vineyard planted with all three varietals, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, & Colombard, that are allowed in Cognac. The white wine is co-fermented, then distilled twice in a copper pot still. This is the only pot still in Cognac that is still wood fired. This adds complexity and nuance to the base eau de vie. Pierre has just released this young overproof 55% abv--it's perfect for sipping, and especially suited for cocktails. In the 18th century, before prohibition and phylloxera, cognac was the workhorse of cocktail mixing in the USA. This bottle is a call to arms to bring it back. Use it in a classic Sidecar or French 75, or any new concoction -JOSH M