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Antique Dewar's Ancestor 12yr Scotch

Item # 36172 750mL
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Item Notes

  • Limited Production: Only 1 bottle(s) per customer

Tasting Notes

Hold on to your hearts. Wow. A stunning reminder of why blends have been the most popular category of Scotch since the beginning, the vehicle that has driven the entire industry to tremendous heights over the course of centuries. We estimate this bottle to hail from the 1970s and it is clear that their was a series of very high quality malts going into this classic blend. Far from the current rendition from this brand (although we love that too) this is intense, compelling, challenging and charming all at once. At first pass the aromas are wild, much smokier than anticipated and almost animalistic. Oily and medicinal notes hit you on the second pass drawing shades of nuance around the smoky center. But with just a bit of time, bright, invigorating tropical notes emerge and vie for their place in the sun. The battle that ensues is not as dramatic as the one on the gift box, but it makes for some exciting fireworks on the palate. What a treasure. Only two bottles available. There is a little bit on natural label wear and staining from the decades in cellar but the whisky has arguably never been better.

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Astor's Glossary of Terms


As a synonym for Scottish, some people object to the term “Scotch” – but as far as their whisky goes, the Scottish people are required by law to classify the spirit as “Scotch whisky.”


Distillation was brought to Scotland from Ireland by missionary monks in the 6th century. In 1644, the first taxes were imposed on Scottish distillers by England, with the result that most of the nation’s whisky was soon distilled illicitly. With the Parliament’s passing of the “Excise Act” in 1824, licensing fees for distilleries were much cheaper. Distilleries started to take out...

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