Glencadam 10yr Highland Single Malt
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Glencadam 10yr Highland Single Malt

Item # 36362 750mL
$54.96/ Single Bottle
$329.76/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

An excellent off the radar single malt distillery, Glencadam has a whisky making history dating back nearly 200 years. Old School and classic in style the malts coming out of here are also known for their refinement and elegance. If you like Glenmorangie's 10yr, then you will love this ten year expression. Notes of green pears, summer grass and cherry blossoms are offset by toasted malt, fresh ginger and hazelnuts.

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Staff Pick Notes

Right now there seems to be a lot of whiskies on one end of the spectrum or the other. They’re light and fruity or big and peaty, sherry bombs or clouds of smoke. Why is this exactly? Why can’t we have an elegant dram that satisfies more than one taste? Glencadam doesn’t get a lot of press but their whiskies are definitely worth trying. In fact, their 10 year old expression is one of the prettiest whiskies I’ve had on my lips. A palate that evolves from delicate to robust, with notes of gorgeous winter melon, honeysuckle pollen, fresh ginger, heavy cream, and a finish of peppery smoke that will please more savory palates. Sure, it’s easier to market one dimensional whiskies but there are multifaceted gems out there, and trust me, they’re worth finding.

- SD

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Distillation was brought to Scotland from Ireland by missionary monks in the 6th century. In 1644, the first taxes were imposed on Scottish distillers by England, with the result that most of the nation’s whisky was soon distilled illicitly. With the Parliament’s passing of the “Excise Act” in 1824, licensing fees for distilleries were much cheaper. Distilleries started to take out...

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