Wilderness Trail Small Batch Bourbon
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Wilderness Trail Small Batch Bourbon

Item # 41912 750mL
$54.96/ Single Bottle
$659.52/ Case of 12
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Wilderness Trail is one of the most unique and promising new distilleries in America hands down. Utilizing their expertise in fermentation and yeast, plus a long track record of working with some of the top distillers in the country for well over a decade, the duo behind this brand know how to make something special and with their own project, that is exactly what they are delivering with each batch and single barrel release. This Bottled in Bond Bourbon was selected from Char #4 barrels that had aged in mid and upper tier levels in their rickhouse after aging for a minimum of 4yrs. Made from a high rye mash of 64% corn, 24% rye and 12% malted barley, everything from Wilderness Trail is made from an extremely rare sweet mash process and their own proprietary yeasts. The flavors are well rounded and deep even for something relatively youthful with the extra rye really delivering added punch with notes of dense rye bread, pumpernickel, light roasted coffee beans, dried figs, apple butter, vanilla bean and gentle spices.

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Staff Pick Notes

Sweet vs Sour Mash~ Finding a whiskey made by implementing the Sweet Mash technique is like spotting a white pigeon. You don't really think about it but when you finally cross its path you can't take your eyes off of it. I pulled this quote from the Wilderness Trail site for ease of explanation. "sweet mashing—rather than the practice of sour mashing, where a small amount of fermented mash is included in the following batch—is meant to produce a softer, cleaner distillate. “Sour mashing is often used for bacterial control, but you lose the flavor consistency in the stillage,” explains Heist. “With sweet mashing, the yeast, grains, and water are consistent from batch to batch.”" Wrap your bubblegum brain around that! Nose:Vanilla Coke (in a sophisticated way), the tropical side of coriander, butterscotch, tapioca & a dash of cinnamon

- HG

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