Empirical Spirits Can 01 (Oolong Tea)
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Empirical Spirits Can 01 (Oolong Tea)

Item # 42469
$12.96/ Single Bottle
$311.04/ Case of 24

Tasting Notes

The minds at Empirical have a knack for putting together ingredients most others would never think to do but then seem inevitable once you taste them. It takes real skill and confidence to do that both in this case born out of years of deep research into each ingredient. This lightly carbonated canned cocktail is made from a base of vacuum distilled beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast spirit with the additions of oolong tea, green gooseberry, toasted birch shavings, douglass fir needles and pomelo zest. We can confidently say you won't regret stocking your fridge up with these. Sold as individual 355ml cans.

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Staff Pick Notes

This isn’t Empirical Spirits' cocktail 01 for nothing. I have tried both currently available from this cutting edge Danish distillery and I'd choose this one first any day. This is no ordinary RTD boozy beverage. The balance of flavors is astonishingly delicate and almost flawless...SO not what I expected when cracking this can open. Oolong tea is one of my favorites, but this isn’t too earthy, even with the addition of toasted birch. If you thought you’d be drinking something smoky or woody, then I am not sorry for the spoiler. It’s not that AT ALL. Gooseberry and pomelo add subtle touches of tart fruit, but nothing too acidic or sour. Superlative balance all around! Get it. Drink it (don’t even waste a glass). Love it. Hopefully as much as I do.


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