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Staff Pick

Springbank 10 Yr. Scotch

Item # 50137 750mL
$64.99/ Single Bottle
$389.94/ Case of 6
This item is being featured in a tasting on: 11/28/2018

Tasting Notes

Made in Cambeltown at one of the two distilleries that remain in the area, this 10-year malt continues to please. It is unusually complex with flavors of vanilla, salt and spice. A good introduction to this legendary distillery.

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Staff Pick Notes

Those of you who visit Astor's awesome whisky wall will know that I spend a lot of time there. How, then, did I fail to notice that this awesome Campbeltown single malt had gone without the recognition it deserved and not been "Staffed Picked"?This is the standard-bearer at Springbank, and a perfect introduction to the only distillery that still does 100 percent of its own maltings. The nose: spicy, with faint hints of chili and salted vanilla cookies. The palate: barrel spices, sweet peat, a touch of coconut and deep vanilla. The finish: malty, with a crisp and dry sea salt aspect. This cannot fail to impress and is a great segue into the enjoyment of peated whiskies. Cheers.

- SW

Astor's Glossary of Terms


As a synonym for Scottish, some people object to the term “Scotch” – but as far as their whisky goes, the Scottish people are required by law to classify the spirit as “Scotch whisky.”


Distillation was brought to Scotland from Ireland by missionary monks in the 6th century. In 1644, the first taxes were imposed on Scottish distillers by England, with the result that most of the nation’s whisky was soon distilled illicitly. With the Parliament’s passing of the “Excise Act” in 1824, licensing fees for distilleries were much cheaper. Distilleries started to take out...

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