Nanbu Bijin Muto Umeshu Plum Saké
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Nanbu Bijin Muto Umeshu Plum Saké

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Wine made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes with minimal intervention avoiding the use of chemicals, additives and technology.

Tasting Notes

Sugar-free plum saké from a reliable producer, Nanbu Bijin. Beautiful, light, natural pink color with clean cherry and plum flavors. A touch off-dry. Enjoy straight, or on the rocks. Kosher.

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Staff Pick Notes

Fine plum sake is a very pretty flavor. The fragrance of this will, at first, remind you a little bit of stone fruits you have known in the past, a kind of vague nectarine-white peach-barely cherry flavor, but then things take a turn: enter a heady blue fruit that musks up your palate long after the sip is swallowed. In collaboration with the salinity of Nanbu Bijin's perfectly round sake, we're left with quite the experience. A playful kiss of natural sweetness (there is no added sugar!!!) and pale purpleish-pink blush, make this a delight for anyone. You could drink it on the rocks, in a highball with soda, or chilled from a wine glass. It's the perfect thing to have with fun foods like chicken wings with a sweet sauce, fried tofu, or carnitas tacos.

- TT

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