Moriki Brewery, Tae no Hana "Sublime Beauty" Arabashiri Kimoto Muroka Nama Junmai Genshu Sake
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Moriki Brewery, Tae no Hana "Sublime Beauty" Arabashiri Kimoto Muroka Nama Junmai Genshu Sake

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Premium Yamada Nishiki rice is only polished to 90% remaining, giving the sake dark and savory notes. A very flavorful sake made in the traditional Kimoto method that is not filtered, pasteurized or diluted. Fermented with native yeast. Delicious served hot or cold, especially with pickled or preserved foods. Brewmaster and owner Rumiko Moriki is the 4th generation of her family to own the brewery, and was the first female toji in the country. Commonly assisted by her husband, nearly all work at Moriki Shuzo is done laboriously by hand, including the growing of their own rice using organic methods.

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Staff Pick Notes

From a small family run brewery in the eastern prefecture of Mie, Rumiko Moriki is Japan’s first female Toji. Being a 4th generation owner in her family, Moriki Brewery has recently gotten acclaim for their unique sake. Using rice grown on the estate through organic methods, she crafts a sake with tremendous depth, finesse and heft. The Sublime Beauty is made from premium rice polished down to 90% of the grain remaining, along with employing the traditional Kimoto method to express complex and dark characteristics. Bottled without fining or filtering, at cask strength and avoiding pasteurization, this is sake made with minimal intervention. What this comes out to is a fuller bodied sake displaying very heady and rich umami flavors with gleaming orchard fruit and acidity.


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