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Hendrick's Gin

Item # 12876 1L
$43.99/ Single Bottle
$263.94/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

Hendrick's uses a rare Carterhead still that bathes the ingredients in vapors instead of just boiling them. This Scottish gin uses cucumber and rose petal resulting in a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

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Distillation was brought to Scotland from Ireland by missionary monks in the 6th century. In 1644, the first taxes were imposed on Scottish distillers by England, with the result that most of the nation’s whisky was soon distilled illicitly. With the Parliament’s passing of the “Excise Act” in 1824, licensing fees for distilleries were much cheaper. Distilleries started to take out...

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UBC Awards

  • 2011 Chairman's Trophy
  • 2011 Great Value