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The Astor Difference

Astor Wines & Spirits has been a Greenwich Village fixture since 1946. When we decided to move to bigger digs recently, we thought it was only fitting that we’d end up in a New York City Landmark, the De Vinne Press Building. A charming and formidable structure, it has stood on the corner of Fourth and Lafayette Streets in Manhattan since 1885. Its façade has been carefully maintained, leaving its charming period-specific features intact. We aren’t just interested in preserving great wines; we want to keep the rich history of our neighborhood alive as well, so the building is a perfect home for our new space. Whether you’re a longtime Village denizen or just a passer-by, you’ll appreciate the 50% larger sales floor and incredible new amenities at our new location, which is just a two-minute walk south of our old one.


Since 1971, Andy Fisher has been President of Astor Wine & Spirits. When he took over as President, it was a small store on Astor Place, which he expanded nine years later. After moving the iconic store to the DeVinne Press building in 2006, Fisher also opened Astor Center, an educational hub housed directly above the retail space. Astor Center offers classes and events and focuses on the exchange of ideas in contemporary food and wine.

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Have a look through our shop in the landmark DeVinne Press building, on the corner of Lafayette Street & E.4th Street in the unique and historic East Village neighborhood of New York City.

Storage & Care

Astor Wines & Spirits uses chillers on their sales floor, in their basement, and in their off-site storage facilities to ensure that all temperature-sensitive items are held at the correct temperature so that they are not damaged before they arrive to the consumer.


If you’ve got no more patience than the average New Yorker, you probably shouldn’t try making saké. In case you don’t believe us: the first step in the process is "rice polishing" (just as time-consuming as it sounds). Luckily for you, we’ve got nearly 200 of the world’s finest artisanal sakés right here, resting comfortably in temperature-controlled units. In fact, we’re the only shop that preserves these delicate brews at 40 degrees at all times, both in our display chillers and in our cellars. We know you’re busy. But trust us: you’ll want to make a little time to explore our truly stellar selection.

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The Cool Room

We adore our wine buyers. They’re really good at what they do, and we’d like to keep them around. But we know (because they told us) that they would leave in a heartbeat if we ever ruined their delicious selections by storing them improperly. So whenever they decide that a wine is especially delicate, we take it straight to our Cool Room. Unlike other stores, at Astor this decision is based solely on the wine’s sensitivity to large swings in temperature – not its price. From inexpensive biodynamic wines to delicious bottles of Moscato d’Asti to 1982 Bordeaux, anything requiring gentler handling is stored at 57º in the Cool Room. Our buyers stay happy, and you end up with better-tasting wines.

Our cool room.

Free Tastings

Curious about Bavarian plum wines? So are we, actually. And if we ever come across a great one, we’ll make sure you get a chance to try it at one of our free tastings. Each week, we pour some of our favorite wines, spirits and sakés so you can taste and learn in a casual, relaxed, and – did we mention free? – environment. If you happen to like a particular wine or saké that’s poured, purchase it the day of the tasting and we’ll take 15% off the price. Tastings are held most weekdays and Saturdays. Sync up your busy schedule with ours by signing up for our weekly email alerts, or check out the calendar to find out what we’re pouring next.

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Our tasting bar.
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