Producer Profile

Dom. des Mariaudes

Touraine, Loire, France

Domaine des Mariaudes Château Génot-Boulanger Meursault, Burgundy, France The Domaine des Mariaudes is owned by Château Génot-Boulanger, an independent producer located in Meursault. The Château was established in 1974 when Charles-Henri Génot, a Parisian pharmacist, married Marie Boulanger. Together, they bought vines in Mercurey, Côte Chalonnaise. The domaine grew over the years, and by 1998, the family had acquired vineyard property reaching over 32 appellations - 92 separate parcels over 27.54 hectares from Chambolle-Musigny in the north to Mercurey in the south. Since then, François Delaby, grandson of the patriarch, has overseen the operation and they have achieved international recognition. “The vine carries too many hopes within to not be cultivated with the utmost care,” declared Charles Henri Génot in the late ‘70s. This statement reflects the philosophies of the domaine to this day. They use modern methods, but consider them at the service of traditional viticulture. Their entire work is dedicated to the vine and allowing it to “speak” of its terroir. They harvest only healthy grapes and use only organic products against pests and diseases. For 10 years, the family has worked in the “lutte raisonnée,” and treats vines only when necessary. Since 2007, they have been fully organic. Their grapes are always entirely hand-harvested.

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