Vouette et Sorbée

Côte des Bar, Champagne, France

Buxière-sur-Arce, Champagne, France Bertrand Gautherot is dedicated to the exclusive production of mono-varietal champagne at his family estate of Vouette et Sorbée. Located in the village of Buxière-sur-Arce, the estate consists of four hectares of meticulously tended vineyards that are on average 21 years old. A devotee of natural production and protégé of Anselme Selosse, Bertrand has been Demeter certified since 1998 and heads the organization of organic producers in Champagne (the group consists of 32 growers out of more than 20,000 producers in the region). Harvest is done entirely by hand, followed by traditional Coquard pressing . Fermentation occurs with indigeneous yeasts in barriques of 400L and continues into spring when malolactic fermentation is complete. Aging and second fermentation takes place sur latte, followed by hand riddling and hand disgorgment without dosage. A hint of Betrand’s unusual approach and personality is evident in his approach to selling his wine. Since 2002, when this Champagne label really took off, he has gained increasing confidence from the positive reception of his wines, year after year. He allows his wine to be itself - however exuberant. He has not needed to look for additional clients since 2005.

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