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The Turkey

Turkey Time

A Thanksgiving feast can take days to prepare, so don’t let the wine be an afterthought! These wines are perfect with turkey and all the classic sides, and they’re lively enough not to weigh you down during your marathon eating-and-drinking session.

Terrific Turkey Wines

Moscato Giallo "Vigna Giere", Vivallis
Trentino-Alto-Adige, Italy
Cooking Up A Storm

Cooking Up a Storm

If you’re hosting the feast this year, most of your budget is probably devoted to food – but that doesn’t mean you should settle for mediocre wine. Try these excellent and wallet-friendly bottles: They’ll make your culinary creations taste better, and they’re low in alcohol, so your guests can sip them all day long.

Perfect for Holiday Hosts

Letting Someone Else Cook

Letting Someone Else Do the Cooking

Even if you don’t set foot in a kitchen this season, you can still bring something amazing to the table. Being a great guest is easy: Give your host a truly special bottle when you arrive, and for the rest of the night you can do no wrong!

Great Guests Give Great Gifts

Schramsberg, Brut Rosé

Schramsberg, Brut Rosé
California, USA
Keeping Traditions Alive

Keeping Traditions Alive

Thanksgiving has some uniquely American traditions: watching way too much football, drinking American wine with dinner, and cramming all the leftovers into one giant sandwich the next day. As long as you’re buying American, make sure your wines are tasty, elegant, and Thanksgiving-appropriate – like these.

All-American Flavors

Celebrating With Family

Visiting the Family

Picture the characters in your extended family. Now try to picture all of them agreeing on something (anything!) this Thanksgiving. If you’re choosing wine for a diverse mix of palates and personalities, it’s best to go with surefire crowd-pleasers. These bottles are juicy, easy to love, and perfect for large parties.

Wines Everyone Will Love


Substance "Re" Riesling
Washington, USA
Celebrating With Friends In NYC

Celebrating With Friends in NYC

You wanted to go back to Skokie for Thanksgiving with the family, but something came up and you’re stuck in New York. Adventurous city folk: Seize this opportunity! This year you can share exciting tastes with your like-minded foodie friends, without worrying about what Aunt Mabel thinks of your bold choices (or your fancy big-city ideas in general). Open one of these deliciously daring bottles, then raise a glass to friends and the city you love.

For Your Foodie Friends

Cyril Zangs Sparkling Cider

Cyril Zangs Sparkling Cider
Normandy, France
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