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Moscato d'Asti "Oroluce," Paolo Pizzorni - 2013

White | Italy, Piedmont, Asti | (750 )mL
Fruity and floral, this classic Moscato is pleasure in the glass. Pretty spring blossoms, grapes, and apricots dominate the delicate palate, which is balanced with stone-fresh acidity. A perfect complement to desserts like tea cakes and cookies.

Item #27563
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.96 $11.96
    You Save: 29%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $136.34
    You Save: 33%

Riesling, Erdenlied - 2013

White | Austria, Niederosterreich | 1L
This lithe, stony example has pretty apricots and meadow flowers on the nose and palates. The vibrancy of its stone fruit resonates in a zesty acidity that finishes deftly with a touch of mineral. Pair easily with white fish enlivened with herbs, shrimp, and sautéed vegetables.

Item #25593
  • Single Bottle:
    $12.96 $9.96
    You Save: 23%
  • Case of 12:
    $155.52 $107.57
    You Save: 31%

Prosecco, Mia - NV

White | Italy, Veneto, Valdobbiadene | (750 )mL
At Astor we've been singing the praises of Prosecco for years, and one sip of this should show you why. Mia is an incredibly refreshing, lightly sparkling wine that is full of citrus fruit. It has a delicate, dry finish that makes another sip almost inevitable.

Item #20449
  • Single Bottle:
    $9.99 $6.96
    You Save: 30%
  • Case of 12:
    $119.88 $79.34
    You Save: 34%

Staff Pick

Bujonis Reserva, Brut Cava - NV

White | Spain, Penedès | (750 )mL
Bujonis Reserva Cava comes from the Penedès region and is from a medium-sized, family-run estate that owns all of its vines, which translates to better control of the final product. This is a friendly sparkler, very giving on the palate, yet still dry. Excellent with grilled sardines or a seafood soup.

Item #29219
  • Single Bottle:
    $19.96 $14.96
    You Save: 25%
  • Case of 12:
    $239.52 $170.54
    You Save: 29%

"Les Amorelles," Coteaux de Peyriac - 2013

Red | France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Minervois | (750 )mL
Scrumptious black currants and cassis highlight this unblemished Cab/Merlot blend. Bursting with a wealth of plums on the nose and palate with textured from soft tannins and bracing acidity. Pair this red as the French do, with rare steak mounded with a nugget of blue cheese.

Item #25577
  • Single Bottle:
    $9.96 $5.96
    You Save: 40%
  • Case of 12:
    $119.52 $64.37
    You Save: 46%

Pinot Grigio, Vezzo - 2013

White | Italy, Veneto | (750 )mL
This is no run-of-the-mill Italian white wine. We get excited about finds like this because undiscovered wines of this caliber are all too rare. The Vezzo is a lovely dry wine with ripe, luscious, mixed citrus flavors. Try it with a few different dishes and you'll see what we mean.

Item #18174
  • Single Bottle:
    $6.99 $4.96
    You Save: 29%
  • Case of 12:
    $83.88 $53.57
    You Save: 36%

Delacroix, Brut - NV

White | France | (750 )mL
This is exactly what bubbly should be: fun, friendly, and festive! An exceptionally tasty dry French sparkler, Delacroix will please just about any palate; enjoy it as an apéritif or marvel at how it sets off your most luxurious lobster dish. Many of our customers buy this wine by the case!

Item #18175
  • Single Bottle:
    $9.99 $7.96
    You Save: 20%
  • Case of 12:
    $119.88 $90.74
    You Save: 24%

Saumur-Champigny "La Folie," Ch. Yvonne - 2011

Red | France, Loire, Anjou and Saumur | (750 )mL
Tart raspberries and dried herbs strike the palate on this accessible Cabernet Franc. Edged with smoky, pepper aromas, this is a satisfying wine for casual nights over lamb chops with lots of herbs.

Item #29408
  • Single Bottle:
    $29.96 $24.96
    You Save: 17%
  • Case of 12:
    $359.52 $269.57
    You Save: 25%

Côtes du Rhône "Rouge!," Ch. Terre Forte - 2013

Red | France, Rhône | (750 )mL
A lively, vibrant, unoaked red wine from the Rhône Valley that's quite a heavenly match with anything from onion soup to potato gratin. This is chuggable, or "gouleyant" (goo-lay-aunt) in French. So easy to drink, the bottle will be empty before you know it. You can enjoy this with a slight chill. Expect red fruits, a touch of licorice, tannins, and a lively acidity.

Item #29483
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.96 $12.96
    You Save: 24%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $139.97
    You Save: 31%

Owens and Vaughn Cabernet Sauvignon - 2012

Red | USA, California | (750 )mL
Thoroughly balanced, lushly textured Cabernet Sauvignon, with plenty of black fruits and soft, ripe tannins.

Item #30692
  • Single Bottle:
    $18.96 $14.96
    You Save: 21%
  • Case of 12:
    $227.52 $161.57
    You Save: 29%

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