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Jelu, Pinot Noir - 2012

Red | Argentina, Patagonia | (750 )mL
Little do people know, that the Patagonia region has the perfect climate to grow the capricious Pinot Noir grape. Jelu is a hearty, medium-bodied red with wild raspberries and black cherries on the palate. Delicious with peppered steak.

Item #17460
  • Single Bottle:
    $12.99 $10.99
    You Save: 15%
  • Case of 12:
    $155.88 $118.69
    You Save: 24%

Paring Avaliable

Ch. Saint-Nicolas, Cadillac - 2009

Red | France, Bordeaux, Cadillac | (750 )mL
Cadillac is a sub-region of Bordeaux best known for its sweet wines. However, there's an emerging selection of robust red wines that can't be missed. This red Cadillac is full-bodied, filled with dark chocolate tannins, smoke, and plenty of cassis. Excellent with skirt steak prepared any which way. Sees about 30% new oak in the aging process.

Item #29651
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.96 $13.96
    You Save: 18%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $150.77
    You Save: 26%

Love, Oregon Rosé - 2013

Rosé | USA, Oregon | (750 )mL
A dry rosé wine from Oregon that's juicy, tangy, and full of red berried fruits. Sure, you can sip on this but we think it's best with anything grilled or a richer fish such as salmon or monkfish.

Item #30322
  • Single Bottle:
    $14.96 $9.98
    You Save: 33%
  • Case of 12:
    $179.52 $119.76
    You Save: 33%

Norton Ridge Merlot - 2011

Red | USA, California | (750 )mL
Made using 50% new and 50% neutral French barrels, this plush Merlot is more restrained than some other California reds, with an herbaceous nose and dark currants and cedar on the palate. It has soft tannins and ample structure, making it perfect for the dinner table.

Item #10679
  • Single Bottle:
    $16.96 $12.96
    You Save: 24%
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $139.97
    You Save: 31%

Ch. Peybonhomme les Tours "Le Blanc Bonhomme," White - 2012

White | France, Bordeaux, Côtes de Blaye | (750 )mL
A rare subtlety of flavors and and complex texture. A wine full of freshness, layers of exotic tropical fruits excite the palate. Ideal for fish, from black cod to sautéed skate.

Item #27446
  • Single Bottle:
    $21.96 $14.96
    You Save: 32%
  • Case of 12:
    $263.52 $161.57
    You Save: 39%

Cerro Anon Reserva Rioja, Bodegas Olarra - 2008

Red | Spain, Rioja, Rioja Alta | (750 )mL
Bodegas Olarra is located on the outskirts of Logroño, right in the heart of the DOC Rioja and within the prestigious Rioja Alta sub-district. Tempranillo dominates this complex and balanced red. With aromas of dusty dark cherry, blood orange, and cedar, it has great structure, a medium body, soft mouthfeel and a lingering, satisfying finish.

Item #24542
  • Single Bottle:
    $21.96 $16.96
    You Save: 23%
  • Case of 12:
    $263.52 $183.17
    You Save: 30%

Teatro, Cabernet Sauvignon - 2013

Red | Argentina, Mendoza | (750 )mL
Though Argentina is best known for its Malbec, the appeal of the region's great Cabernet Sauvignon can't be denied. This unoaked red is full of fruit, with dark cassis, plums, and blackberries dominating the palate. It's the type of wine to enjoy alongside grilled steaks or burgers.

Item #21789
  • Single Bottle:
    $9.99 $6.96
    You Save: 30%
  • Case of 12:
    $119.88 $75.17
    You Save: 37%

Nero d'Avola, Colpasso - 2012

Red | Italy, Sicily | (750 )mL
The style of Colpasso Nero d'Avola will appeal to palates that crave a rich, unctuous style of red wine without the use of oak. A party wine that works well with anything from sliders to beef stew.

Item #29572
  • Single Bottle:
    $11.96 $8.96
    You Save: 25%
  • Case of 12:
    $143.52 $107.52
    You Save: 25%

"Cepa Pura" Fernão Pires, Quinta do Montalto - 2012

White | Portugal, Estremadura | (750 )mL
Pear and quince are the most prominent notes on this unique white. Teasingly aromatic, it has a crisp palate with flavors of orchard fruits and a touch of honey. Rounded spiced notes complete the picture.

Item #27338
  • Single Bottle:
    $11.96 $9.96
    You Save: 17%
  • Case of 12:
    $143.52 $107.57
    You Save: 25%

Paring Avaliable

Bujonis Reserva, Brut Cava - NV

White | Spain, Penedès | (750 )mL
Bujonis Reserva Cava comes from the Penedès region and is from a medium-sized, family-run estate that owns all of its vines, which translates to better control of the final product. This is a friendly sparkler, very giving on the palate, yet still dry. Excellent with grilled sardines or a seafood soup.

Item #29219
  • Single Bottle:
    $19.96 $14.96
    You Save: 25%
  • Case of 12:
    $239.52 $170.54
    You Save: 29%

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