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OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka

Item # 29743 750mL
$39.96/ Single Bottle
$479.52/ Case of 12

Tasting Notes

Using their wheat vodka as a base, the folks at Middle West then source local wildflower honey and pure fair trade raw vanilla beans that they minimally process at the distillery. The result is heavenly, with a pale, straw spirit that is dry and exudes bright quality, with every sip revealing different notes to linger on, such as pure vanilla, cocoa, and marshmallow.

Staff Pick Notes

I don't normally gravitate towards vodka for an interesting spirit. However, in an effort to be less parochial I thought this was a great alternative to otherwise preferred sipping spirits with age. High quality ingredients and flavors that are honest guide my palate to a positively delicious sensation. Cocktail recipes can be found on the company's website.