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Mizu Saga Barley Shochu

Item # 29391 750mL
$34.96/ Single Bottle
$209.76/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

Handcrafted in "genshu" (undiluted) style with higher alcohol content, this Shochu truly expresses its unique character. Beautiful cantaloupe nose with flavors of fresh grains, cut grass, and white pepper. Enjoy first as a neat sip, and then cut with water or on the rocks.

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Staff Pick Notes

Known as "vodka-lite" for being a grain distillate at 20% abv, shochu and soju at the lower end of the range usually suffer from the same excessive plainness as vodka, too. Better ones can be appreciated for minerality, textures, and aromatics. Hopefully you'll notice the latter with this bottle. If drinking straight, take note that the abv here clocks in at an unusual 35% (making it easily adaptable to cocktails). It's warm like grappa with less burn... a quiet perfume. The real discovery is good shochu with sparkling mineral water. It's a drink so pristine it will take you to polar landscapes and the cleanest, purest, crispest drink ever. Can I say that something has in-your-face subtlety? I guess I just did.

- TT