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Free Tastings

We love to let you know what we know by teaching and tasting.
Here are some scheduled events that will be fun and informative.
Take advantage of these premier tastings at Astor's Landmark Location - 399 Lafayette at 4th Street.

Aside from the free tastings, enjoy a 15% discount on any wine that's poured, the day of tasting.


Saturday, Aug 30, 2014

A Piece of Piedmont

3:00pm to 5:00pm
It's a wine region that's diverse and regal, and we're showing you much of what it has to offer, from the light, playful and slightly sweet wines of Moscato d'Asti to the bright, ripe reds of Barbera d'Asti to the ageworthy and serious wines of Barolo. We're talking about Piedmont, of course, that noble northern Italian appellation that we just can't get enough of. One tasting will only scratch the surface, but come join us as we taste a few delights from one of the finest winemaking spots on earth.


Barolo "Vigna Gattera", Bovio - 2006 (750)
Red, Italy, Piedmont, Barolo
Item #: 14686

Barbera d'Asti "Mon Ross", Forteto della Luja - 2012 (750)
Red, Italy, Piedmont, Asti
Item #: 28932

Moscato d'Asti "Piasa Sanmaurizio", Forteto della Luja - 2012 (750)
White, Italy, Piedmont, Asti
Item #: 20079


Sunday Aug 31, 2014

Coole Swan: A Unique Irish Liqueur

3:00pm to 5:00pm
Created in 2008 from a blending of single malt Irish whiskey, fresh Irish cream, and white Belgian chocolate, Coole Swan is a sweet cream liqueur that can be used in a multitude of cocktails--or simply over a few cubes of ice. This award-winning spirit is limited to a few natural ingredients and retains the quality that it has had since its inception. Stop in for a taste of something different!



Wednesday, Sep 03, 2014

Taking a Local Tipple: Brooklyn Gin

6:00pm to 8:00pm
Fresh orange peels--rather than dried--set this gin apart. Emil and Joe, the founders of Brooklyn Gin, take the time to handcraft small batches of this artisanal product, which we believe is one of the best on the market. Come taste the difference that lively botanicals and exacting standards make in one of the United States' most classic spirits as we take a local tipple with Brooklyn Gin.


Brooklyn Gin - (750)
USA, New York
Item #: 26154


Thursday Sep 04, 2014

Atsby: A Sommelier's Vermouth

6:00pm to 8:00pm
Atsby Vermouth is the brainchild of cultural historian Adam Ford, who, inspired by the romance of vermouth, collaborated with a sommelier to develop a balanced, delicate, and artisanal vermouth that would add nuance to drinks and have a flavor profile that reflected the actual grapes from which it was fermented rather than just its botanicals. We'll be tasting through Atsby's two vermouths, the Amberthorn and the Armadillo Cake, both of which show the breadth and depth of this product.


Atsby Amberthorn Vermouth - (750)
USA, New York
Item #: 27791

Atsby Armadillo Cake Vermouth - (750)
USA, New York
Item #: 27792


Thursday, Sep 04, 2014

Greet the Fall

6:00pm to 8:00pm
Come greet fall with us with a tasting of two rustic Italian reds: the Mocali "Raunate" Brunello di Montalcino and the Cavallotto "Bricco Boschis-Scot" Dolcetto. Both of these wines will make you appreciate the changing colors on the trees and the crispness in the air. Join us as we usher in red wine season!


Brunello di Montalcino Riserva "Raunate", Mocali - 2006 (750)
Red, Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino
Item #: 21391

Dolcetto d'Alba, 'Bricco Boschis-Scot," Cavallotto - 2010 (750)
Red, Italy, Piedmont, Alba
Item #: 30228


Thursday Sep 04, 2014

A Taste of Italy

6:00pm to 8:00pm
We'll be traveling to Italy--in the proverbial sense, of course--with this tasting of a few of our favorite selections, from a clean, white Malvasia from Venturini Baldini to two Chiantis from Val delle Corti. Italy has so much to offer that one tasting alone could not possibly do it justice, but allow us to give you this small taste of what this incredible country captures in its winemaking.


Chianti Classico, Val delle Corti - 2010 (750)
Red, Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Classico
Item #: 18324

Chianti Classico Riserva, Val delle Corti - 2009 (750)
Red, Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Classico
Item #: 18325

Malvasia dell’Emilia, Venturini Baldini - NV (750)
White, Italy, Emilia-Romagna
Item #: 28718


Friday, Sep 05, 2014

Celebrate Italian Wine Month at Astor

6:00pm to 8:00pm
In recognition of Astor's Italian Wine Month, we're opening some truly inspired bottles from our Italian portfolio, including the Argiolas "Perdera" Isola di Nuraghi and the "Costamolino" Vermentino, two wines from this esteemed producer that willl challenge your preconceptions of Italian wines. Right now, it's all Italy all the time here at Astor, so join in on the tasting with us as we explore a producer with much to offer.


Vermentino "Costamolino" Argiolas - 2013 (750)
White, Italy, Sardinia
Item #: 17159

Isola di Nuraghi "Perdera", Argiolas - 2011 (750)
Red, Italy, Sardinia
Item #: 43844


Friday Sep 05, 2014

Pisco Porton: Peru's Rising Star

6:00pm to 8:00pm
Pisco Porton is distilled in the Andes Mountains using centuries-old methods in combination with new technology to produce a high-quality, delicious, and refreshing product. Made in small batches in the Mosto Verde method from partially fermented grape juice, each bottle of Pisco Porton is individually numbered and signed. Come see why pisco is still one of Peru's most popular exports!


Pisco Porton - (750)
Item #: 24866


Saturday, Sep 06, 2014

Warm and Hearty: Red Wine Is Back!

3:00pm to 5:00pm
'Tis the season for the revival of red wine drinking! Fall is fast-approaching and we're on-board, so long as it means permission to pop bottles of some of our favorite reds. For this tasting, we'll be featuring some warm, hearty reds from some of our nearest and dearest French appellationss. Embrace the changing season with us while we champion red wine drinking all over again!


“La Mule”, Dom. Chahut et Prodiges - 2011 (750)
Red, France, Loire, Touraine
Item #: 23553

Cahors, Clos Siguier - 2011 (750)
Red, France, Southwest, Cahors
Item #: 23587

Côtes du Rhône, Dom. des Bacchantes - 2012 (750)
Red, France, Rhône, Côtes du Rhône
Item #: 10675


Saturday Sep 06, 2014


3:00pm to 5:00pm


Solbeso Cacao Fruit Spirit - (750)
USA, Kentucky
Item #: 31202


Thursday, Sep 11, 2014


6:00pm to 8:00pm


OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka - (750)
USA, Ohio, Columbus
Item #: 29743

OYO Michelone Reserve Bourbon - (750)
USA, Ohio, Columbus
Item #: 29746

OYO Single Cask Wheat Whiskey - (750)
USA, Ohio, Columbus
Item #: 29745

OYO Stone Fruit Vodka - (750)
USA, Ohio, Columbus
Item #: 29744