Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Fino En Rama
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Half-Bottle of Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Fino En Rama

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This is a wine for connoisseurs, bottled almost unfiltered in order to preserve its golden color and racy character. Not as obviously marked by flor, this Fino can be enjoyed upon release; its evolution in bottle delighting consumers for many years. Keep and serve with a fresh chill, in order to display fully its complex range of aromas. A successful match for many diverse foods - Iberian ham, Seafood stews, Grilled octopus and with spicy peppers.

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Staff Pick Notes

Sherry has been pigeonholed as a drink for old ladies, rich snobs, and Dr. Frasier Crane. Luckily, these caricatures are no longer the only mavens of this savory wine. Its delights have reached the unsophisticated layman (me), and I intend to spread the word. Equipo Navazos acts as an independent bottler of Sherry. They bottle unique wine from individual barrels within large Solera systems or work with producers to create joint projects. This sherry doles out roasted almonds, brine, yellow plums, and soft yeasty bread. This is served on surprisingly silky texture. Ideal for smoked kippers, fresh octopus, and a few chortles with your psychiatrist brother. Sherry, Niles?

- SD

About the Producer

Jerez, Spain The story of Equipo Navazos is the story of a passion shared by a group dedicated to traditional Andalusian wines. Aware of the sleeping treasures that rested buried in the cellars of Jerez, Sanlúcar and El Puerto, as well as in and around Montilla, Jesus Barquín, Quim Vila and Dirk Niepoort decided to rescue some of these jewels. In 2005 they started to select specific butts of...

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Astor's Glossary of Terms


Central to the Spanish winemaking philosophy is the belief that wine should be released only when it is ready to be consumed, and not a moment before. Spanish wine law focuses squarely on this issue: the terms Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are highly regulated indicators of the amount of time a wine has aged prior to its release. In Rioja, Navarra, and the Ribera del Duero (which have the...

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Sherry actually gets its name from our anglo-inability to pronounce the word “Jerez,” the town at the southern end of Spain in which the wine is produced. Like Champagne, Sherry can only be called Sherry if it comes from this specific region. That said, there are other “Sherry-styled” wines worthy of note produced outside of the Sherry D.O. (known as vinos generosos). Montilla, lying to the...

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Fino Sherries are the driest and most delicate of the lot. Here, the flor is at its thickest and most protective. This style of Sherry is light and refreshing - it spends an average of only three to five years in the solera. It should absolutely be consumed while young, within at most a year after its release. Fino Sherry works fantastically as an aperitif, as it pairs particularly well with...

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Accounting for over 90% of the vine plantings in Jerez, this relatively neutral grape provides the ideal “blank canvas” for the creation of fabulously complex Sherries (much like the Ugni Blanc grape does in Cognac).

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