Laurent Cazottes Organic Tomato Liqueur

Half-Bottle of Laurent Cazottes Organic Tomato Liqueur

Item # 32974 375mL
$69.99/ Single Bottle
$419.94/ Case of 6

Production Methods



Certified Organic

Spirits made from ingredients that have been cultivated without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides at any step in the process. Certified in the country of origin.

Tasting Notes

Laurent Cazottes is one of the most conscientious producers in the world. His line of super artisanal spirits have quickly become the rage in top restaurants, bistros, and wine bars in Paris, where it suddenly seems like everyone needs to have some. The reason is simple; no one in the world makes anything quite like him and the sheer quality is unsurpassable. Making its debut in the USA is this brand-new, rare, organic tomato liqueur. As with the rest of his work, the creative process is driven by inspiration and is multi-layered and mind-blowing. After becoming obsessed with tomatoes and discovering that there are currently more than 2,500 varieties of the fruit in the world, he started collecting heirloom species and planting them on his farm. He currently has 72 varieties planted and uses all of them for this one-of-a-kind liqueur! After the fruit is fully ripe, he picks them all by hand, de-stems them by hand, quarters them and removes the seeds by hand and then macerates the fruit in freshly distilled organic Folle Noire eau de vie for 10 months. Next, this pomace is pressed and re-distilled. The tomato distillate is then added back to the original Folle Noire/tomato infusion and left to marry to create the final liqueur! Notes include leafy greens, super fresh tomatoes, garden scents, cantaloupe, sultanas, mulberries, fresh dates, grass, and more. An absolute must-try.

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