Polugar Classic Rye Breadwine
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Polugar Classic Rye Breadwine

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Tasting Notes

Polugar is an example of the old style of vodka making. It is a recreation of the eponymous pre-vodka spirit, which was once widely produced throughout Russia until 1895, when distillation became a state-controlled enterprise. Polugar can be described as the essence of bread. It starts as a mash of flavorful rye before running through a homespun copper alembic still. Beyond robust flavor, Polugar is characterized by its rich texture, the result of a third distillation before which the spirit is clarified with fresh chicken egg whites and delicately filtered through birch charcoal. The ABV following this laborious distillation is consistently 38.5%. Hundreds of years ago the result was the same. How do you drink Polugar? Sip it neatly with a meal, this pairing is as versatile as bread. Or, try it in cocktails calling for vodka or whiskey.

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Staff Pick Notes

Polugar's Classic Rye is the original bread wine from Russia. Today it is produced in Poland and triple-distilled in copper pot stills—unlike the commercial column stills making most vodka these days. This is an excellent alternative to straight vodka, whether in a martini, or sipped neat. It has a complex, bready attack on the palate with traces of rye bread, honey, and almonds. The texture is rich and oily and the finish is warm and velvet soft. It will linger on your palate. Take your vodka game to a new level. And remember, sip it. Shots are for amateurs.

- EG

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