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Staff Pick

Hampden Estate Rum Fire Overproof

Item # 36518 750mL
$29.96/ Single Bottle
$359.52/ Case of 12

Tasting Notes

The Hampden estate is perhaps the most traditional rum producer in the world. They refuse to cut corners here and make a serious case for rum being the most complex spirit in the world with every release. Despite the name here, this spirit is surprisingly elegant while possesing an undeniable intensity as well. A superb choice for mixed drinks, notes here include grilled plantains, tropical flowers, buttered popcorn, shaved coconut and papaya. The spirit flows painlessly across the palate. This may be the best unaged overproof out there at the moment.

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Staff Pick Notes

Even if you're familiar with the stench of a pot-stilled Jamaican rum, you still might not be prepared for the ester bomb that is *RUM FIRE*. If you're just passing through on your way to cachaca, rhum, or even mezcal, feel free to linger as I run down some tasting notes. Green banana, ripe banana, mint, salt, clove, apple, umami, and so much more are packed into this clear rum with an insane label. Interested? The aroma bursts from the moment you crack open the bottle and lasts forever on the palate. As implied on the bottle, this "exceptionally smooth" rum is not as hot as 63% alcohol seems and you could enjoy it as a lively sipper. Still, the potential for cocktails is huge: mojitos, punch, painkillers, and pina coladas would all benefit. Omg a daiquiri! Just having this around will inspire you to mix up something fun.

- TT