Mortlach 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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Mortlach 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Tasting Notes

There are quite literally generations of whisky loving folk who have pined to see the regular release of malt whisky from this distillery. Considering it was founded in the early 19th century that is a testament to the enduring popularity of this brand, even though it has mostly been experienced as the backbone of many famous blends to most. The 12yr flagship is reason enough to understand what the clamor has been about. It is a whisky that brings a lot of different elements to the glass, but also one with a clearly intentional, idiosyncratic styling. The aromatics are angular, serving this whisky well as it carves out a multi-dimensional space for itself holding in suspension well defined notes of apple streudal, cooked plantains, sweet herbs, white berries, a hint of turmeric and gentle spices. The palate is medium-light, more focused and linear (a few drops of water, finds new depths) and drying with flavors centered on fresh pears, mulberry galette, vanilla and a prickle of cracked pepper. A stand-out as an everyday dram and just the thing you'd expect when reaching for a dram of the 'Beast of Dufftown.'

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Staff Pick Notes

Surrender yourself to the enchanting effects of the Wee Witchie and let the mesmerizing aromas cast a spell indeed! Due to the unique approach of distilling 2.81 times you get a refined spirit that's elegant. However it is the devil that is in the details. A small percent of the tails is distilled in a smaller still with an angle on the swan neck/lyne arm that retains the weight and flavor of the painstakingly long fermentation efforts! Seriously arresting fruit notes lead to a spicy, rich malted barley grain smell that combine to deliver the first wave of delicious aromas. Vanilla, dried fruit (fig,) caramel, warm baking spices, and honey continue to ensnare your senses. Not to mention on the palate the savory umami! You've been warned. Cheers, Grounds Keeper Willy


Astor's Glossary of Terms


As a synonym for Scottish, some people object to the term “Scotch” – but as far as their whisky goes, the Scottish people are required by law to classify the spirit as “Scotch whisky.”


Distillation was brought to Scotland from Ireland by missionary monks in the 6th century. In 1644, the first taxes were imposed on Scottish distillers by England, with the result that most of the nation’s whisky was soon distilled illicitly. With the Parliament’s passing of the “Excise Act” in 1824, licensing fees for distilleries were much cheaper. Distilleries started to take out...

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