Producer Profile

Cantina Montelliana

Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy

Treviso, Veneto, Italy Cantina Montelliana is a cooperative society, established in 1957, composed of wine growers who mix traditional methods with a modern technique. The Cantina is located in the heart of the Trevisio province, lying in the foothills of Montello and Asolo, as well as the areas on either side of the river Piave; these sites make up more than 600 hectares of vines, all marked by the region’s climatic conditions, which are ideal for growing high quality grapes. Situated at an altitude of 120 to 250 meters above sea level, all with southern exposures, the rolling hillsides have a terrain with understandably variable characteristics. However, the gravelly subsoil is a constant, allowing for excellent drainage. All the associated vinegrowers of the region are beholden to viticultural traditions handed down from father to son. Most all of the co-op’s vinegrowers are working organically; all work with minimal intervention of herbicides and insecticides in the vineyards. This cooperative is part of a new movement to create quality wines and lift the reputation of a cooperative in the wine world - it is a means by which small growers can be competitive, especially in a region as commercial as Treviso, where Pinot Grigio and Proseccos are the dominant white wines. In the cellar, modern techniques: stainless steel, temperature controlled tanks, slow controlled pressing of the grapes, temperature controlled storage, of barrels and small wooden casks, automated filtration and assessments all along the way to final bottling, reflect the intention of producing a wine of consistency and quality. The cooperative is deeply committed to improving its production, storage and bottling facilities and will search out the most apt technology available.

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