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Smooth Ambler: West Virginia Takes Us Home

Since its founding in 2009, Smooth Ambler Spirits has firmly established itself as a leader in the craft segment of the industry. Based in West Virginia’s picturesque Greenbrier and steered by maverick distiller and co-founder John Little, Smooth Ambler has produced and assembled some of the highest quality whiskies in the country. For the Old Scout line, John utilizes his world-class palate to source choice barrels from sources like MGP in Indiana, the site of the former Seagram's empire. It has become a tradition for the buyers here at Astor Wines & Spirits to go down to West Virginia every June to pick out our favorite casks to be bottled as single barrel cask strength offerings for our beloved customers. In addition to a recognizable stable of spirits, which includes vodka, gin, and barrel-aged gin, Smooth Ambler also produces a wheated bourbon. Wheat is grown organically by a local farmer that John began sourcing product from in the summer when high-quality corn was not available. This “yearling” is currently aged three years and five months, well past the point of maturation for many classic Kentucky bourbons. Aged entirely in full-sized 53-gallon new American oak barrels, and distilled on a brand-new Vendome copper column, this whiskey is well on its way to becoming the new Pappy Van Winkle.

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Smooth Ambler Astor Single Barrel Rye -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
Aged for eight years and bottled at a natural cask strength of 63.8% ABV, this bold spirit freely expresses itself with notes that include marasca cherry, amaro, fireplace, evergreen, pecan pie, glazed peaches, and sweet spices. Not the kind of whiskey you want to miss out on.

Item #32661
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Smooth Ambler Astor Single Barrel Bourbon -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
Notes include clover honey, mulberries, Poire Williams, cinnamon stick, pipe tobacco, and barrel char. Eleven-year-old cask strength bourbon for this price doesn't get any better, but no need to take our word for it; pick up a bottle and find out for yourself.

Item #32662
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 yr. Rye -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
This is perhaps the most complete rye we've tasted in a long time. It has that perfect balance of sweet and spice and everything nice. Strong age with all the juice being a minimum of 7 years and older and even stronger proof to make sure this holds up in any concoction you may want to throw it into.

Item #27645
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Half-Bottle of Smooth Ambler "Yearling" Bourbon -

USA, West Virginia | (375 )mL
Although this is a young whiskey in development it has the signs of a true thoroughbred. Double alembic distilled and utilizing local water, aromas of toasted whole wheat bread with honey drizzled on top hits the palate and lingers in the mouth. The distillery's 1st proprietary whiskey

Item #26643
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 12:

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
We at Astor cannot get enough bourbon. A category built on reliability, consistency, and quality should never go out of style. Five years of age, high proof, non-chill filtration, and high rye content (36%), deliver an explosive combination of aromas and flavors. Excellent for cocktails.

Item #26400
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin -

USA, West Virginia, Maxwelton | (750 )mL
Perhaps "the" most important gin on our shelf from a historical perspective in terms of the traditional flavors imparted by being transported and served from oak barrels. Notes of orange, nutmeg, cardamom, violets and vanilla. Soft on the palate with sweet wood spice. Wow.

Item #28276
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Smooth Ambler Small Batch Greenbrier Gin -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
Instead of purchasing neutral grain alcohol from an industrial distiller, Smooth Ambler chooses to make everything in-house. The clean profile of the spirit is supplemented with a classic new American dry mix of botanicals that is citrus-forward. Easy-drinking and well-balanced all around.

Item #32725
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 Yr. Bourbon -

USA, West Virginia | (750 )mL
This ten-year Bourbon is a generous offering from one of the most important and up-and-coming distilleries in the country, Smooth Ambler. Taking on the characteristics of older Bourbons, this whiskey is showing off those deep caramels and concentrated sweetness one might expect.

Item #29269
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Displaying results 1-8 (of 8)