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Field to Glass: Hillrock Estate Distillery

Hillrock Estate Distillery’s regular rye is a double cask bottling, meaning that it is double matured. This fine distillery, however, is now producing its first-ever single cask, double matured rye, which we hand-selected after tasting through a dozen barrels. This product is completely unique and exclusive to Astor Wines & Spirits. Hillrock’s single malts and ryes are all grain to glass, meaning that the barley and rye are both grown on Hillrock’s farm in New York’s Hudson Valley and then distilled, barreled, and bottled on-site. Dave Pickerell, the Master Distiller known, most famously, for his work at Maker’s Mark, is assisting in Hillrock’s distilling, where he lends his expertise to the distillery’s quality products. Hillrock is also producing a Solera-aged bourbon, unlike anyone else on the market. The Solera aging solves the problem of having a young whiskey with a lot of oak on it, since the cuvées are essentially blended and the oak flavor is diminished and integrated with older, aged whiskies. Hillrock is also making an un-aged rye, which they are distilling on the original stills on the Mount Vernon site where George Washington lived and according to Washington’s original recipe. In short, there is no end to the innovation coming from this distillery. Each Hillrock bottle is hand-signed and numbered and says which barrel it comes from, making it a fantastic collector’s item or gift. The products coming from this local craft distiller, which are undeniably unique, exceptional, and high quality, are currently only available in New York (and while this may change in the future, for right now, we’re Hillrock’s sole market), so get yours while you still can.

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Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon -

USA, New York | (750 )mL
The first and only Solera aged/blended bourbon on the market! Dave Pickerell has created a balanced beauty with this blend of their own distilled bourbon and sourced finished in Ex Oloroso Sherry barrels! Notes of orchard fruit, caramel and spice greet the nose. On the palate lively sipper with a punch at 46.3%!

Item #27869
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Hillrock Astor Single Barrel Rye Whiskey -

USA, New York, Ancram | (750 )mL
Our first exclusive single cask of double rye from one of our favorite local craft distillers is here just in time for the fall and holiday seasons. Their ingenious aging methods make this unlike any other rye we currently carry.

Item #31573
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Hillrock Single Malt Whiskey -

USA, New York | (750 )mL
Hillrock Single Malt is the result of a farm to glass operation at the distillery grounds in New York's historic and picturesque Hudson Valley. All of the juice that goes into bottle comes from barley that is grown, floor malted, pot distilled, and aged at the estate. Finished in sherry casks.

Item #29085
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:

Half-Bottle of George Washington Rye -

USA, New York | (375 )mL
Every bottle of this extraordinary spirit contains a small amount of juice that is being produced at Mount Vernon in accordance with George Washington's original recipe. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell makes the rest at Hillrock in the same way. A rare opportunity to taste history.

Item #29086
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 12:

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Displaying results 1-4 (of 4)