Cor Cor Okinawan Rum Green Label

Cor Cor Okinawan Rum Green Label

Item # 41251 750mL
$64.96/ Single Bottle
$779.52/ Case of 12

Tasting Notes

Sugar cane has been growing and cultivated on the island of South Borodino, Okinawa for centuries and centuries and while the Grace Rum Distillery is only a couple of decades into business they clearly have a deep respect for the history of cane on their island and the quality of this precious natural resource. All of their rum is made from their own cane stocks and everything is natural with 100% zero additives ever. This green label is made directly from the fresh pressed cane in the vein of an agricole style. The notes are pungent but incredibly pure with flavors of smoked hay, elderflower, earthy moss, white tea and delicate cane sugars. The texture is lush and pliable upfront through the mid-palate but finishes with a mouth-watering streak of acidity. If this was off your radar before, it should go straight to the top of the list of next things to try.

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