Mal Bien Jabali Mezcal
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Mal Bien Jabali Mezcal - 2018

Item # 42066 750mL
$119.96/ Single Bottle
$719.76/ Case of 6

Tasting Notes

The first offering for Mal Bien from the Sánchez brothers of Chichicapam is arguably the greatest of this new round of stunning mezcals so you know that is saying a lot. Made from wild Jabali, the mezcal shape-shifts from one intoxicating flavor to the next evoking avocado leaf, lime zest, hoja santa, summer melons, toasted pumpkin seeds, ripe papaya and much more. Incredible.

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Staff Pick Notes

Jabali is an agave many mezcaleros are reluctant to make into Mezcal. It is wild and hard to control during fermentation and distillation as it has a tendency to foam and explode. The final product behaves in a similar “rambunctious” fashion, as it practically climbs out of the glass. Vibrant aromas of fresh cut grass, sliced winter melons, agave nectar, and lime zest. The palate is juicy with pears, papaya, and melon. The finish complements with coal smoke and pine resin. Mezcal made from one variety of agave are individual by nature. This one is eager, loud, and a bit of a show off.

- SD

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