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Sparkle in Your Step: Give the Gift of Prosecco

We have the perfect gift for all seasons! This sparkling wine made from the Glera grape is known for its fruity qualities as well as for its accessibility. Stylistically, Prosecco, which comes from the northern Italian region of the Veneto, is the best-known sparkling Italian wine on the market, though the wine was originally vinified still and aged in old wooden casks. The Prosecco that we know today—sparkling, that is—was pioneered by Carpene Malvotti in the hills of Conegliano. This winery was responsible for the development of the Charmat method of fermentation, or fermentation in tanks as opposed to in bottle. As a result of this development, sparkling Prosecco became the standard, as did bottling the wines in thicker glass with a good cork to retain the pressurized contents within. Another little-known style of Prosecco, which we also carry here at Astor Wines & Spirits, is called “Col Fondo.” In this method, the fermentation concludes in the bottle, allowing the wine to sit on the lees. These bottles should be held upright for hours before drinking and will release yeasty aromas in addition to the more expected orchard fruits, reminiscent of good beers. Proseccos can range in style from drier styles to styles that are nuanced, playful, or quaffable. They may differ stylistically, but they all make perfect gifts: fun, delicious, and thoughtful alternatives to Champagne.

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Prosecco "Alné" Extra Dry, La Tordera - NV

White | Italy, Veneto, Valdobbiadene | (750 )mL
Prosecco with a smooth, elegant bead made in a style that is on the dry side but not "bone dry." Enjoy chilled as an apéritif with salty hors d'oeuvres.

Item #30283
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 12:
    $203.52 $183.17
    You Save: 10%

Prosecco Brut, Colle Argento, Livio Sassetti - NV

White | Italy, Veneto, Valdobbiadene | (750 )mL
Lorenzo Sassetti is best known for his Brunello, but is such a fan of Prosecco that he is now making his own bubbly.

Item #29792
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 12:
    $227.88 $216.49
    You Save: 5%

Prosecco Brut, Col Vetoraz - 2011

White | Italy, Veneto | (1.5 )L
A dry sparkling wine made from the Prosecco grape variety. This white is all about pears, white flowers, citrus and peaches. Excellent toasty fruit on the palate.

Item #17271
  • Single Bottle:
  • Case of 6:
    $239.94 $227.94
    You Save: 5%

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Displaying results 11-13 (of 13)