Kuyen, Alto del Maipo Valley
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Kuyen, Alto del Maipo Valley - 2018

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Wine made from grapes grown organically using natural composting techniques and special preparations of herbal sprays while following the astronomical calendar.

Tasting Notes

Alvaro and Marina Espinoza are pioneers of small production biodynamic farming and winemaking in Chile. Their farm Antiyal is dedicated to 50% vineyards, and the rest to livestock and other crops, creating a diverse environment. They treat each parcel with minimal intervention, and create distinct wines as a result. This dry full-bodied red is a blend of Syrah, Carmenère, and Cabernet Sauvignon. A touch of oak influence gives this subtle spice, and this pairs well with grilled lamb.

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Staff Pick Notes

I love this wine. It is a bit different from the wines that I typically gravitate toward in that it is big and modern but when its good it’s good and this wine is definitely good! It’s Juicy and spicy and just begs to be drank with BBQ or any other form of spicy meat. It's produced Biodynamically and with the utmost respect for nature and the terrior of the vines.

- OW

Astor's Glossary of Terms


Chilean winemakers are known for opening their arms to forgotten European grape varieties, nursing them back to health, and then releasing them back to the rest of the world - and we can’t thank them enough for it. Chile’s friendly, delicious Carmenères are the best example, but Chile is generally one of the most consistent sources of delicious, ready-to-drink, approachable wines. Cabernet...

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We'd like to clear this up once and for all: the Shiraz grape is genetically identical to Syrah. Australian winemakers put "Shiraz" on the map (and, many would argue, vice versa), and the term is now used throughout much of the New World. Let it never be said, however, that Shiraz and Syrah are the same thing: the region in which the grape is grown determines much about the flavor of the wine it...

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Cabernet Franc

Relegated to moderate obscurity in modern times, Cabernet Franc is in fact the proud parent of the attention-hogging Cabernet Sauvignon (after an illicit affair with Sauvignon Blanc a hundred-odd years ago). Cabernet Franc has remained close to its roots in France, enjoying small pockets of popularity primarily in the Loire Valley (specifically in Chinon), where it is often bottled as a varietal...

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Hundreds of years ago, the red Carmenère grape was widely used in the blended wines of the best châteaux in Bordeaux. No more, however: it was difficult to grow and often gave low yields, so the French mostly abandoned it. It has recently found a home in Chile, where it has successfully been made into full-bodied, deep red varietals.

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