Dakabend Oaxacan Pot Still Rum
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Dakabend Oaxacan Pot Still Rum

Item # 43066 1L
$49.96/ Single Bottle
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Tasting Notes

The rise in awareness of serious artisanal mezcal around the world has begun to shine a light on other categories of high quality, uncompromising spirits from Mexico. Made from a locally grown single variety of sugar cane in the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca, and distilled in copper pot stills at the Tosba mezcal palenque, this rum is potent, intensely savory, herbal, slightly smoky and delicious. The sweeter parts of the cane really come through on the palate and act as a perfect foil for the heady aromatics. A true spirit of place and reflection of terroir but one that will still provide excellent versatility for your drink creations.

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Staff Pick Notes

It’s called rum in the United States, rhum agricole in the Caribbean, but in San Cristobal Lachiroag, Oaxaca, it’s called aquardiente de caña. This fresh, sugarcane juice distillate comes from sugarcane that’s grown in this high-elevation region since the 17th century. Aguardientero, Edgar Gonzalez-Ramirez, combines mezcal-making knowledge with the traditional methods of making aguardiente. Using a copper pot still, the aquardiente is double distilled and each batch is unique. This blend of innovation and tradition gave them the name DA KA BEND or “the one that doesn’t listen” in the regional Zapotec dialect. The friendly funkiness of this spirit shows salt-cured black olives, an herbaceous grassiness of dried oregano, umami, and hints of papaya. An intriguing option for both mezcal and rum imbibers.


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